Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

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Sherlock Holmes visits The Tower Of London… and attempts to make Moriarty jealous with an excessive number of crowns


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Beware of fake Benedict quotes. Another few handfuls is spreading like wildfire on tumblr. A simple tip is to google the quotes to see if they get any hits outside tumblr if you are in doubt. It will save you for disappointment and false hopes.  

Competition Time


So I am going to a convention next month and I want to take a couple of #221BSTRONG banners and ask some cosplayers to stand with it. So I need a banner. This is where you come in. We are going to run this as a competition and the best two will be coming with me.

- Size should be 2500px width and 800px height
- Needs the slogan #221BSTRONG as the main focus.
- You can have additions on it like a crown or spirals or hearts or anything you want
- All submission will be published here first

The Cumberangel admin team and a couple of friends will pick the winners.

The winners will get to see their banner being used in the cosplay photo’s and will get a signed photo of Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas/Bloody Guardsman) holding their banner (if he gives permission for this to happen) or a signed photo of Alfie Enoch if he doesn’t.



This should always be on my dash!

…can I just cry about how he keeps looking at her after he releases her? Because you’d think he would just walk away, whatever, emotions whatever. But NO. HE FUCKING STARES AT HER LIKE “I WILL RETURN FOR YOU, MY WOMAN, AND WE WILL FRICKLE FRACKLE. MY DING DANG DIDDLY DOO WILL BE IN YOUR ANGEL HAIR PASTA SOON BBY.”


Hi guys I (Stephy) am going to be taking part in this year’s Live Below The Line challenge which means I will be living on £5 worth of food for 5 days. Yes that’s a £1 a day or even 33p a meal.

I know this is going to be difficult and I am going to spend most of the week hungry but if it means I can raise awareness about world poverty then I will do it. I will be taking part in this for 5 days beginning on the 28th April and I would really appreciate it if you could please donate some money to UNICEF through my #belowtheline page

I will be updating you all on how it is going throughout the week that it is happening and probably telling you all how hungry I am. Love Stephy xxx

Look I am doing the thing, it’s going to be a very difficult thing


Best reaction ever. 




HanLock AU: Sherlock, this is serious.

i just love the shit out of this




This is our first #221BSTRONG video.
Share a bit of positivity! Smile and be brave

If you want to be in the next one submit a photo to

We are 3 views away from 600 and we think that is brilliant but we want it to get even further so please do share this with your friends.
we have reach 650 views today and that is amazing, please do keep watching if you are feeling down or just want to watch it to put a smile on your face :D and please do keep sharing